It's for the premium plugin and theme developers for WordPress. Which in turns allows a developer of either type to add two lines of code, a simple class file to their plugin/theme. Give to their end-user, and do all of their version control here at JagRepo.
YES! This is for the life of this account! This is to help the struggling developer of a plugin/theme to get started. We do NOT ask you to upgrade unless you need more plugin/theme space. :) Enjoy from the bottom of our developer's hearts at Jag Journey, LLC!
Of course, this is totally up to you and how you would want to do this, just make sure you have permission from this person/company beforehand. We are not held responsible for who has your plugin/theme.
Absolutely not, we are NOT a directory here. We're a SaaS, and protect our client's privacy and IP work to the fullest, and do NOT share this with anyone! Not even the President of the United States would get to know!
The actual owner that's listed on the product that you purchased/received it from is the best answer. We do NOT own any of the plugins/themes within JagREPO! We're a simple automatic service provider for WordPress theme+plugin developers. The owners that upload them here are the 100% owner of their own products they choose to host here under our JagREPO.
It simply means the following:

Jag = Jag Journey, LLC Brand Name
Repo = Repository which in turn is in reference to versioning control, allowing developers of themes and plugins to house their versions here and create a full changelog along the way.
Sure you can, it's free and we do NOT need your information for billing, you will provide that securely here on make sure there's an https:// before you do any purchasing. 

Signup here: JagREPO Signup
  • First, you need to be signed in.
  • Next, then you visit the Pricing page.
  • Pick the package that best suits your needs.
  • Enjoy and done!
Yes, you're in control of what server (IP Address) connects to and downloads your product(s)!
Absolutely NOT! We're just here to be your automatic update provider for your plugin/theme!